The Café Exil is financed exclusively by private donations in order to maintain a political independence. This is why we do not accept donations by political parties, syndicates, public institutions of the state and churches. Especially these institutions are responsible for the actual politics of discrimination and deportation.

The donations are used for the costs of the rent, electricity, water, telephone bill, drinks, etc. which are necessary to support our guests. The activists “working” in the Café Exil don’t receive any money or salary.

We are very thankful for any smaller or bigger amounts donated regularly or once only. The direction of the Café Exil bank account can be found here.


The Café Exil is not registered as a society or association. Therefore the donations are deposited on a bank account of the VVN-BDA (association of the people persecuted by the Nazi-regime – confederation of antifascists e.V.). The VVN-BDA is able to give donation receipts.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Café, its structures and the work done, you are invited to call (040 88 23 86 82) or pass by personally during the opening hours.

Be aware that we don’t accept donations in kind, as clothes, etc. due to the lack of space in the Café. Still, we can give you the directions of other associations and places which accept these kind of donations.

Café Exil

Hammer Straße 10
22041 Hamburg
Tel: 040 23 68 216 oder
040 88 23 86 82
Fax: 040 63 67 31 02

Montag 10:00-13:00 & 15:00-18:00
Dienstag 09:00-13:00
Mittwoch geschlossen
Donnerstag 15:00-18:00
Fr: 10:00-13:00 nur für FRAUEN / women-only
Check opening hours on facebook before every visit!