Close camp Rahlstedt – open the hotels

Flats for all!

Manifestation in front of the so’called arrival-camp Rahlstedt, Bargkoppelstieg 14
Sunday 6th June from 1:30 pm
and every other first Sunday of the month!

We protest against the way refugees are still accomodated in the ZEA, where they have to live in rooms with not ceiling in a big hall. Also in other camps refugees mostly have to live with several people in one room!

They eat together, use the same sanitary facilities and do not have any opportunity to keep distance and secure their life and that of their loved ones against an infection with Corona. Especially women with small children, pregnant women and people with health problems must be accommodated in hotels and flats immediately. Their lives matter!

We don’t accept any politics which gives refugees less rights. We go to Rahlstedt to show them our solidarity and to break up their isolation.

The persons responsible in politics like the Minister of Interior, Grote, and the management of Fördern und Wohnen must act now.*

Please wear masks during the manifestation and keep distance!

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